Historic Wreck Recovery is committed to the recovery of The Royal James. The Royal James was a massive first rate man of war at 40.36 meters. The flag ship of the blue squadron and was sank by the dutch in the battle of Sole Bay in 1672.

Thank you to one and all:
Here we would like to give thanks to those that have helped on the project over the years:

Margaret Spence: (Deceased 1995) Diver Support
Andrew Spence (George's Dad) Diver Support
Jane Hammond Diver Support
Chris Mist: Diver
Andy Rose: Diver Learn Scuba http://www.learnscuba.co.uk
Adrian King: Use of the Drakkarhttp://www.drakkarcharters.co.uk
Howard Fryer:Fryer Chandler Lawyer http://www.fryerchandler.co.uk
Jenny Fryer: Fund Coordinator
Eric Williams: Edmund Carr Accountants http://www.edmundcarr.com
Karen Ainley: Media Mosaic Publicity http://www.mosaicpublicity.co.uk
Paul Hammond: Deck Hand and Diver Support
Scott Burgess: IT Support, Photographer and Videography
James Holt
Felix Arc Marine: Harwich
Gary and the crew from Gray Mammoth
Richard Branson
Voyager Clubs
Lord, Lady Montague and family
Alex Caccia
Lord and Lady Rothchild
Jo Annis: Project Support
Bob Hickson: http://www.planet-electronics.co.uk/
Bill Meadows

Robbie and guys Lowestoft Hydraulics
The Crew of Deden Trojan
Sharon Cook: Diver Support
Rachel Bullard: Diver Support

This is not an extensive list of all whom have helped over the years, we apologies if we have missed you off let us know and we will update this information.

Thank you to all.


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