Historic Wreck Recovery is committed to the recovery of The Royal James. The Royal James was a massive first rate man of war at 40.36 meters. The flag ship of the blue squadron and was sank by the dutch in the battle of Sole Bay in 1672.
Latest Finds
The latest digs have brought up several interesting artifacts that we are currently investigating... .

On Site Digging
Watch as the airlift aboard Deben Trojan starts to dig into the sea bed...

Photo Gallery
Video Gallery

We have accumulated an extensive library of photos and video from the project. you can see them all here...

Diving Survey Video
After each Survey and dig has been carried out we then have to send in our underwater survey specialist to confirm targets and anomaly's..

Deben Trojan Oct 2008
See the Deben Trojan our latest vessel,
The Trojan is 14m multi cat barge
with a 10T crane and 20T winch...
Mobilization of Trojan Oct 2008
Watch as our Deben Trojan latest vessel
arrives at the yard and is load with all
the equipment ready to depart to sea...

To Site Oct 2008
See the Trojan steam to site and
deploy the airlift....

Day to Day Log
We have put up a log of our day to
day activities. Please bare with us
if its not updated daily we might be
at sea....

Meet the team .
Meet the people whom with out their knowledge, vast experience and passion we would not be where we are today.

Latest News 3rd November 2008. We have been featured on London BBC News
and BBC look east
BBC News