Historic Wreck Recovery is committed to the recovery of The Royal James. The Royal James was a massive first rate man of war at 40.36 meters. The flag ship of the blue squadron and was sank by the dutch in the battle of Sole Bay in 1672.

The Battle of Sole Bay
In the 17th Century, Southwold was England's main fleet anchorage. The town had
Easton Babents to the North and Dunwich to the South so forming a bay called Sole
Bay. Some charts record the name as Soul Bay while others as Sawolde Bay. Since
then coastal erosion has straightened the coastline to the extent that a bay no longer
exists......read more

George Spence
Director of Historic Wreck Recovery has spent more than 30 years in the hunt for The Royal James... read more

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About the Royal James
The Royal James was a first rate man of
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